Mobile Application: Palm Using SmartList To Go

PalmSmartListImg00 PalmSmartListImg01 PalmSmartListImg02 PalmSmartListImg03

My first mobile application was on the Palm OS, using DataViz’s SmartList To Go software (previously ThinkDB but was acquired by DataViz) that allows one to easily create a database application on a mobile device without coding.

The SmartList To Go database application featured above was created for a bakery company’s field service people to collect bun data from their customers’ sites.  Once the field service people get back to the main office, they then synchronize their data, through their PC, to an Access database stored on a network drive.  Since SmartList To Go does not include synchronizing data to a SQL Server database, the data was synchronized to Access database first, then loaded to the SQL Server database.

I used to run the SmartList To Go database applications on a Palm device such as the m515.  Ever since the Palm m515 died on me a long time ago, I have been using the Palm OS Garnet simulator that runs on Windows PC.


Development Environment  
Handheld Device Palm m515 (retired)
Handheld Simulator Palm OS Garnet Simulator 5.4
Handheld Applications SmartList To Go Handheld 2.603
Desktop OS Windows XP SP3
Desktop Applications Palm Desktop by ACCESS 6.2.2
Palm HotSync Manager 7.0.2
SmartList To Go Desktop 2.603
SmartList To Go Sync Manager 2.603
Access 2003 SP3
SQL Server 2005 Express

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