What’s new in C# 6?

Even though I’m still using VS2013 for all the projects I’m working on, it won’t hurt to know the new features of C# 6 in VS2015.  I might start converting some of them or maybe start the new projects in VS2015, who knows.

I won’t try to write about the new features in C# 6 in this post as I am pretty sure you can find them on the Internet.  Though there is one that I like and it’s New Language Features in C# 6.  I hope this helps.


Microsoft Docs has a What’s new in C# 6 article which I think is where the above article is based on.  Also check out their The history of C# article to refresh yourself on the features added to previous versions of C#.  There is now also What’s new in C# 7.0 and What’s new in C# 7.1.


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