Why I Chose C# Over VB.NET?

It’s a no brainer really.  So I can easily switch between the programming languages that are widely used now in web (i.e. JavaScript) and mobile applications (i.e. Java and Objective-C) and in the future (i.e. TypeScript and Dart).  Note that this is coming from someone who develops in the Microsoft stack.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I switch between C# and VB.NET (at one point I was maintaining desktop applications written in both languages), I always get hit by a brick wall when I go over a VB.NET code, it’s like my fingers are all numb?  I guess if you are working on desktop applications only, it does not matter which language you use.  But nowadays, developer needs to be versatile and be able to work on web applications too, and if you’re lucky enough, on mobile applications as well.

And you know what?  New languages are being created based on the  C programming language, which is where C# is based from by the way.  You might have known about the new language developed by Microsoft, the TypeScript.  And there is Dart from Google as well.

So I say, you wouldn’t go wrong if you go the C# way.  And that’s why I now prefer C# over VB.NET.


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