C#: A Review on Generics

I think a good C# developer needs to get a handle on .NET generics.  Most of the advanced features in C# deal with lots of generics and having a very good understanding of generics will help considerably, most especially when dealing with generic delegates.  So here in this post, we will review generics. Generic type …

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C#: Quick Review on Raising Events

To illustrate raising events, let’s pick a very simple but classic example of a publisher and subscriber relationship.  Note that events make use of delegates and if you need to brush up on delegates, check my post here. // So here you have a publisher class public class Publisher { // Inside you declare a …

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Testing an HTML Page on the Android Emulator Browser

Although you can easily test your HTML page’s responsive design using Chrome’s Mobile Emulation feature, you can also do it, albeit the harder way, by loading the page on the Android emulator’s browser. First you must run the Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager to launch your Android emulator.  You don’t necessarily have to run the …

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