JavaScript Array and How It’s Different from Object

It’s important to know arrays and objects in JavaScript because they are often used to store client-side data.  Below are quick points on arrays and objects:

// arrays and objects can be confusing at first
// just remember that arrays in Javascript are ordered lists
// and are normally looped through using numerical index starting with 0
// objects, on the other hand, have property names associated with values
// confusion always happen when objects are used like associative arrays,
// arrays that use names as index to access their associated values

// declaring an array

// as an empty array
var myArray1 = [];
alert(myArray1.length); // displays 0, since it"s empty

// with initialized values
var myArray2 = ["apple", "orange", "banana", "strawberry"];
alert(myArray2[1]); // displays orange, the second element in the array

// using Array constructor
var myArray3 = new Array("red", "green", "blue");
alert(myArray3.join(", ")); // displays red, green, blue

// object on the other hand has a different declaration syntax
// while array is declared using square brackets [],
// object is declared using curly braces {}
// BUT both use [] to access their elements/properties
var myObject1 = {};
var myObject2 = {
"fruit1": "apple",
"fruit2": "orange",
"fruit3": "banana",
"fruit4": "strawberry"
alert(myObject2["fruit2"]); // displays orange

// one method that is quite used most often for arrays is the push() method
// it"s a convenient way to add to your array
alert(myArray2.length); // displays 4
alert(myArray2.length); // displays 6, after adding 2 more in the array


Hopefully that helps clarify the confusion.

JavaScript Kit has a comprehensive reference with explanations and examples including reference to Array object that you might want to look further into; definitely a good resource to add to your toolbox.  I already had it added to my Favorite Links.

Also, Fun with JavaScript Native Array Functions talks about a slew of array functions in detail.  


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