HTML: DOCTYPE, Elements, Attributes, Paragraphs, Empty HTML Elements, Formatting, Link Element, Head Element

So I just went through some HTML tutorials at W3Schools and I will just jot down some notes to remind me by.

  • <!DOCTYPE html> is the first line you see in a HTML page.
  • HTML elements are those inside the start/opening tag (i.e. <html>) and end/closing tag (i.e. </html>).
  • Attributes are found inside HTML elements that come in name/value pairs like name=”value”.
  • Paragraph tags are <p> and </p>.
  • An example of an empty HTML element is the <br> with no end/closing tag, but is recommended to close it like this <br />.
  • There are a bunch of formatting tags available in HTML besides the usual bold and italic ones.  They are categorized as text formatting tags, computer output tags, and citation, quotations, and definition tags.  More information can be found here at this link.
  • The HTML Link (<a> ) has an id attribute that you can use (i.e. id=”mybookmark” ) to create a bookmark inside an HTML document.  So in another <a> tag you can set its href attribute to point to that bookmark (i.e. href=”#mybookmark” ).
  • Always add trailing slash to subfolder references in an HTML Link href attribute (i.e. “ ” ).
  • The <head> element is a container for <title>, <style>, <meta>, <link>, <script>, <noscript>, and <base>.

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