.NET 3.5: Quick look at what is in WPF

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) seems to be the successor to Windows Forms for desktop development.  The following are some of the highlights in WPF:

  • Separation of logic code from the presentation code where the presentation code is defined using a declarative syntax called Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).
  • Three kinds of application available for creation: Windows applications, Navigation applications, and XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs)Windows applications are similar to Windows Forms applications.  Navigation applications are similar to web sites in that they provide a page-based user experience but they run on the desktop computer like Windows applications.  XBAPs are similar to Navigation applications except that they run in Windows Internet Explorer.
  • Unprecedented support for displaying graphics, images, and media files.
  • Binding of a property to any object or source.  Use of data templates to configure how your data is displayed in the presentation layer.
  • Use of Styles, Animations, and Triggers to provide consistent user interface appearance, add interactivity, and change the user interface appearance in response to different conditions.
  • New document and printing model where you can work with XML Paper Standard (XPS) Documents and Flow Documents.

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