General: It has been a while since my last post

This past year and a half gave me new skills from my last project.  I learned Regular Expression, XSLT, XPath, Java, Eclipse, and C#

In the next few weeks or months I will be making some changes on this blog.  I will be refocusing my effort now on C# instead of VB.NET.  It would be best for me to use C# as my main language so I can easily switch between Java and also since I started with C way back. 

You see Java does not seem to be far away from C# and in my last project I was able to pick up Java relatively easy.  But I am not saying I will abandon VB.NET, its just that I would prefer using C# over VB.NET

Below are links to some cheat sheets that I found that will help me retain my knowledge in Java and VB.NET as I immerse myself in C#:

Java (J2SE 5.0) and C# Comparison

VB.NET and C# Comparison


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